August ABV Release



Jersey Australia congratulates August ABV leaders


Noorat farmer Con Glennen (Pictured, Photo Rick Baynes) has strengthened his place at the top of Australian Jersey herds with the release of the August Australian Breeding Values.

With a Balanced Performance Index (BPI) of 108, Mr Glennen’s White Star Jerseys have secured an eight-point lead over the second placed herd owned by Bernie and Carol McManus Bercar Jerseys from Lockington in the Goulburn Valley.

The third placed herd, Daryl and Lani Hoey’s Beulah Jerseys at Wonthaggi in Gippsland, had a BPI of 99.

White Star increased the herd BPI by four from April proofs, and extended its lead from two points to eight. It has three of the top five genomic bulls and White Star bulls sired three of the top 10 young genomic heifers, including the top two.

Mr Glennen attributes the success to using high BPI bulls, constant herd testing, culling, early adoption of technology such as genomics, and team work.

“We’ve been equal a few times and been the number one herd the last couple of runs,” he said. “We were two points ahead last time, now we’re eight. It’s a constant improvement and we’ve still got room to move. We’re by no means done and we’re still trying to grow numbers.

The Glennen family has been farming in the area for nearly 100 years and they have been quick to adopt new technologies.

“My uncles were herd testing and breeding forward in the 70s,” Mr Glennen said. “We had some of the first genomic work done in Australia and I thought at the time that my kids could get something out of it; but now I’m seeing it.”

“Genomics speeds things up, as long as you make sure you’re running in the right direction.”

Mr Glennen said the win was a team success story. “I don’t do it on my own. My wife Michelle and sons James and William are part of it and there’s the whole family history behind us.”

The top Young Genomic Heifer was KAARMONA PUBLICAN SANDY 16 with a BPI of 253 for owners Graeme and Rohan Sprunt of Kaarmona Jerseys north of Shepparton.

KAARMONA PUBLICAN SANDY’s sire is PUBLICAN -White Star Patrick and Dam KAARMONA VALENTINO SANDY 9 EX 90. Rohan Sprunt said she was backed by 14 generations Excellent, one of the highest direct lines in Australia if not the world.

KAARMONA PUBLICAN SANDY 16 has excellent fat and protein deviations, exceptional type with a score of 109, udders 111, survival 110, somatic cells 108 and mastitis resistance 103, fertility 101, plus she’s A2 tested, making it a really nice well-rounded proof.

Her ancestry traces back via Araluen Park, Nowell & Rye Valley Jersey studs to a New Zealand cow family. It’s a deep cow family which has produced many good bulls over the years. One of the most noted ancestors is Nowell Power Sandy, Ex92 who had 11 sons go into AI including Raceway, Roundhill, Santana, Vipor & Aries.

While this was the first time Kaarmona achieved a top genomic Jersey heifer, it celebrated other successes in the ABVs, with the number one Holstein heifer born in Australia on the US proving system, the number two genomic Holstein bull and the highest ranked Australian born bull, the number nine and 25th ranked proven Holstein bulls. In Jerseys it had the number two genomic bull KAARMONA BAZYLI and the number 20 genomic bull KAARMONA LOKI.

The farm has converted from about 70 per cent Holstein to close to 70 per cent Jersey.

“We’re looking for more feed efficiency and to get more production out of our farm,” Mr Sprunt said. “We think the only way to improve efficiency is to take two Holstein cows out and put three Jerseys in and send more milk solids out the gate.”

Jersey Australia congratulated all members who placed highly in the proofs list. “Reaching number one on a list is a long-term investment in a breeding program and a great reward for effort and the investment made,” Jersey Australia General Manager Glen Barrett said.

The top genomic bull was VALENBLAST -White Star Valenblast with a BPI of 299 marketed by Genetics Australia.

The top Australian proven bull was MATT – Wilsonview If Matt with a BPI of 226 and marketed by World Wide Sires.

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