Goulburn Murray Jersey Breeders Club – Diamond Jubilee Sale

Last Call

We invite all Jersey Enthusiasts to help celebrate Goulburn Murray Jersey Breeders Club’s (GMJBC) 60th birthday by submitting their best animal to the Diamond Jubilee Sale.   The Sale is to be held on Thursday 31st May 2018 as part of Jersey Australia’s Annual General Meeting program.


Pedigrees are to be submitted to Rohan Sprunt by email (kaarmona@bigpond.com) no later than Friday 2nd February 2018.  From there the sales committee will select the catalogue & inspect all animals, with plans to have the final catalogue ready to go to the printers during March.


We already have an outstanding line up committed from some of Australia’s leading herds.  Here’s your opportunity to make the Diamond Jubilee Sale, the sale of the year & one to remember.


Register your interest as a vendor today!



Rohan Sprunt

On behalf of GMJBC