Notification of 2021 AGM

24th February 2021

Dear Member

On behalf of the board of Jersey Australia, I would like to advise the membership that 2021 Jersey Australia AGM will be held on Thursday May 27th 2021 at the Mercure Hotel in Warragul, VIC and as per Section 10 of the Jersey Australia constitution, 5 members of the board of management will retire by rotation at the 2021the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The 5 directors who term expires at this year’s AGM are:

  • Chris McKenzie
  • Brian Wilson
  • Paul Lenehan
  • Jamie Drury
  • Wayne Kuhne

Due to changes to the constitution agreed to by the membership at the 2019 AGM to reduce the size of the board from 10 to 8 over a 2-year period, only 4 board positions are available for appointment this year.

At the February 2021 Board Meeting, the Board appointment myself as the Returning Officer for the 2021 Board Election

It is my pleasure on behalf of the membership of Jersey Australia to call for nominations to board. I will note the following:

  • Nominations must be completed on the JA Board nomination form in totality and returned to the Jersey Australia office by COB Thursday April 15th 2021
  • Only Life. Full, or Family members can be nominated to the board.
    • Only 1 person per membership can serve or be nominated to serve on the board at any 1 time.
  • Only members who have paid their membership fee in full for the membership year commencing March 1st, 2021 will be accepted.
  • Director terms are for a period of 2 Years commencing from the completion of the 2021 AGM.

JA Board Nomination Form

If you have any questions relating to the role of director of Jersey Australia, please contact myself on 0418 466 371 or email


Glen Barrett

Returning Officer.