Project Seeks Jersey Herds

Request for Jersey Herds to support ImProving Herds ProjectImprove

Are you fascinated by genetics or want to better understand how genetics make a difference to your bottom line? Then this is the opportunity you have been waiting for!

As one of 25 herds selected, the ImProving Herds team want to support you to explore how genetics is currently contributing to the profitability of your herd and how new tools can be integrated into your farm management decisions. There is a wealth of experience, science and understanding behind this project and you will have first-hand access to these resources. As you learn more about the value of genetics in your herd, we will be learning more about how farmers can be better supported. We are sure your story will inspire others through two on-farm field days and case studies. We will support you to enter your farm financial data on DairyBase – and confidentially assess the impact that breeding decisions have on your bottom line.

ImProving Herds is an innovative and collaborative herd improvement research, development, extension and education project. It is a Gardiner Foundation project lead by the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resource and supported by Dairy Australia, Australian Dairy Herd Improvement Scheme, National Herd Improvement Association and Holstein Australia. Collaborators currently include National Herd Development, HiCo, Dairy Express, Tas Herd, FarmWest, Richard Shepard (Herd Health Pty Ltd), Nicholas Friggens (INRA) and Eileen Wall (SRUC). And…. there are opportunities for your organisation to be involved.

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