Purpose: The role of the Audit and Risk Sub-Committee is to develop, implement, oversee and review policy relating to corporate governance and finance and ensure Jersey Australia maintains all regulatory and statutory compliance.

Current Committee

Chair – Jamie Drury – Association Treasurer

Lisa Broad – Association President

Geoff Akers – Association Vice President

Glen Barrett – General Manager

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Oversee and monitor annual approved budgetary income and expenditure
  • Develop, recommend and review policy relating to
    • Constitution
    • Book of Rules
    • Authorisation Schedules
    • Board Policy Related Policy
    • Staff and Human Resources Policy
    • Audit Rotation policy
  • Oversee Jersey Australia’s corporate and regulatory compliance requirements
  • Develop and propose annual budget for board approval
  • Develop and maintain a corporate risk register
    • Board required to approve Register and risk mitigation strategies
  • Oversee annual audit and Insurance renewal requirements