The Jersey Australia Community Grants fund has been developed to provide sponsorship and support to community events across Australia where Jersey Clubs or members have an active participation in the event and there is a provided opportunity to promote Jersey Australia.

The Jersey Australia Community Grants Fund will be valued at $10,000.00 per annum and be managed and approved in consultation with the Chair of Promotions and General Manager

The Community Grants Fund will be allocated as per the following:

Distribution Funding Purpose Maximum Funding per Event
40% Major State Shows or Youth Shows across Australia excluding International Dairy Week Up to $1,000.00 per event with no more than 2 Shows to receive the maximum funding per annum
25% Youth Education, development of leadership activities  $400 per event with no more than 5 events per annum to receive the maximum funding
25% Local  Events $250.00 Per Event
10% Discretionary Funding Merchandise etc provided as prizes

Note: Local events must not include a show event of any type.  However, there is an expectation that Jersey members or Jersey Cattle Clubs will have a significant visible involvement in the local event.

Application Criteria

  • Application must be submitted in writing
  • The application must clearly outline the following
    • The purpose that the applicant aims to use the funding for.
    • The involvement of Jersey Australia members or local club in the event
    • How Jersey Australia will be recognised
      • Prior to the event
      • During the event
      • Following the completion of the event

Application for funding are to be made on the JA Community Grants Fund Application Form.  Application Form

Completed applications are to be email to Email Jersey

Contact Glen on 0418 466 371 for more information

Assessment of Application

Applications are to be assessed on the following

  • Adherence to the application criteria
  • Promotional opportunity to Jersey Australia and the Jersey Breed
  • Commitment of the applicant to meeting previous funding commitments