JNS – New Jersey Haplotype Discovery

The American Jersey Cattle Association have announce the discovery of of a new undesirable genetic factor – JERSEY NEUROPATHY with SPLAYED FORELIMBS (JNS)

Excerpt from US Jersey Publication on Symptoms

Calves affected with Jersey Neuropathy with Splayed Forelimbs (JNS) are unable to stand and exhibit significant extensor rigidity of forelimbs and/or excessive lateral abduction. Affected calves are generally   at birth but exhibit neurologic symptoms including spasticity of head and neck and convulsive behavior. Other symptoms reported include dislocated shoulders, congenital craniofacial anomalies and degenerative myelopathy.

JNS is attributable to a specific haplotype on Bos taurus autosome 6 (BTA6). Subsequent investigation identified the biological cause within the haplotype as a UCLH1 missense variant located at 60,158,901.

What to do if you have a calf with symptoms of JNS

  1. Record all relevant birth details – sire/dam/DOB
  2. Take a DNA sample of  the calf
  3. Take a DNA sample of the Dam
  4. Photograph / Video calf displaying symptom
  5. Advise JA ASAP and send details, videos,photos and DNA samples to JA marked to the URGENT ATTENTION of Glen Barrett

If you believe you have had a calf with JNS symptoms but is no longer available for DNA sampling, please also let us know and provide a DNA sample of the dam.

DNA will be stored for future reference checking if required.

What to do to manage risk in your herd 

  1. Review known sires list who have been identified as JNS carriers and note progeny by these sires in your herd.
  2. Contact your AI company to seek information on JNS status of sires not from Nth America.
    1. The attached list only contains sires from Canada and the USA and 1 Danish bull and 1 Australian bull.  It should be expected that carriers will be found in Australian bulls as well as bulls from  other countries.  These bulls may not have been tested as yet if they have not previously been tested in the USA.
  3. Mange future breeding program to avoid mating clashes of sires who are known carriers with daughters of known carriers.
  4. With Cows/heifers sired by known carriers, it may be beneficial to genomic test these progeny to identify their JNS status and support future decision making.  At this stage we would expect the Haplotype call to be only available in the USA.  Contact your Genomic Service Provider(GSP) to discuss testing availability.
    1. If you have previously genomic tested any progeny, contact your GSP to see if a JNS Haplotype call can be made from your existing genotype.


List of sires who are known JNS Carriers JNS Carrier AI Bulls Nov2020

JNS – Summary Information: JNS – Summary

Please contact Glen Barrett on  0418 466 371 or Glen.Barrett@jersey.com.au for more information and what to do if you have a calf with JNS symptoms.