Partnership with Safe Ag Systems.

Ensuring you and your workers come home to your family and friends each day is a critical workplace requirement and to support members, Jersey Australia is pleased to have entered into a partnership with Safe Ag Systems to provide their work place safety management system to members and enthusiasts at a 10% discounted rate.

Safe Ag Systems operates digitally from your desktop and smart phone and provides you:

Policies and Inductions

  • Use Safe Ag Systems templates or create your own policies to establish your company’s safety goals and expectations. Create and send your inductions to your visitors, workers or contractors via the App

Safety Checklists

  • Design Safe Work Procedures and Pre-operational safety checklists that your workers will actually use. Keep track of these using the reporting feature and easily edit them when you need to.

Inventory Management

  • Digitally manage your machinery, equipment, and chemicals so everyone has access when they need it.


  • Monitor daily operations, completed inductions, checklists and tasks to track progress and improve efficiencies.

Emergency Management

  • Keep your workers safe and give them access to important information in an emergency.

Task Management

  • Increase efficiency in your daily operations. Distribute the workload and manage your team effectively

Near Miss and Incident Reporting

  • Report and manage Near Miss and Incidents to drive continuous improvements.

Safety Inspections

  • Run safety inspections efficiently to identify potential hazards and dangers. Use the hazard map and noticeboard to communicate.

Worker Records

  • Manage and keep track of important health details, current training qualifications and employment contracts

Visit  Safe Ag Systems for more information or register to start your 7 day free trial today.


When registering make sure your enter the promo code JerseyAus into the source code field to be eligible for JA discounted offer

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