Update to Members re: Coronavirus

Jersey Australia advises that from today, a number of changes will be put in place to manage our office operations and services to members in line with imposed restrictions relating to coronavirus, whilst mitigating risk to staff and the wider community.

What does this mean for Jersey Australia and our members?

  1. The Jersey Australia Office will remain open
    1. Jersey Australia is enacting a Work from Home policy for staff where practicable.
  2. Member services will still be delivered as best possible however we do expect some limitations on what we can and cant do:
    1. Communications
      1. JA telephones will be diverted to mobiles and answered as normal
      2. All emails will remain monitored and responded to
        1. General enquiries:    jersey@jersey.com.au
        2. Registrations:           rego@jersey.com.au
        3. Classification:           class@jersey.com.au
        4. accounts                   accounts@jersey.com.au
      3. We are still working to understand what our access to the postal service is
        1. We encourage all members to use email instead of posting correspondence to ensure on time delivery
        2. Unless significant further restrictions are imposed by AgriBio management, we will have restricted access to mail however this could change if conditions deteriorate further.
    2. Registrations
      1. Registrations will still be processed
        1. As we expect limited access to the office during this shut down period, we encourage all members to use the online registration facilities via Jersey online http://jersey.com.au/jersey-online/; or
        2. Use the registration functionality in your Easy Dairy or Mistro farm management software; or
        3. Email your requirements to rego@jersey.com.au
        4. We will not be able to print and post registrations certificates during this period. Any requirements will be banked and processed when our access to the office will be returned.
        5. You will be able to access performance pedigree via Jersey Online if you required a pedigree for an urgent need.
        6. With limited ability for all to travel and go out this is a good time to bring your registrations up to date so we look forward to helping you do achieve this.
    3.  Classification
      1. Autumn Class Service
        1. JA is putting in place a limited classification tour to be held commencing late May.
        2. Due to business and Government imposed travel restrictions, we are unable to offer an Autumn tour opportunity  to Tasmania, Western Australia and Queensland in 2020.
          • Further details relating to dates will follow in other communications
        3. Members can still book a class visit via the Jersey Online Shop or email class@jersey.com.au with your class requirements. We are not asking members to pay upfront a booking fee for this tour.  http://jersey.com.au/product/autumn-2020-class-booking/
      2. Our of Tour Class
        1. We will review this on a case by case basis however nothing will be considered until May 1st the very earliest.
      3. Health of our staff and members is paramount and should a high level of risk be maintained, Autumn Class will be cancelled.
    4. Accounts 
      1. We encourage members who typically post cheques to use internet banking or pay by credit card options where possible to minimise staff contact external parties to process and bank cheques.
    5. Genomics / DNA
      1. Please continue to send samples in to the office.  They will be processed and at this time we are not aware of delays at the lab.
We will do our very best to keep members informed of all matters as they arise and change.Kind Regards

Glen Barrett
General Manager