5-Star Jersey is a Jersey Australia marketing and promotions initiative that recognises cows with the most comprehensive and complete data available allowing cows to be promoted, bought and sold with confidence that their is the best available information on the cow(s).

To achieve 5-Star Jersey Status, a cow must be:

  • Registered with Jersey Australia
  • Sired by a registered AI sire
  • Classified by Jersey Australia
  • Herd Tested
  • Genomic Tested 

A cow with 5-Star Jersey status entitles the member to:

  • Promote and Market their cow as a 5-Star Jersey
  • Promote and market progeny of a 5-Star Jersey as progeny of a 5-Star Jersey
  • Utilise either the full or short form 5-Star Jersey Logo in marketing and promoting your 5-Star Jerseys

When a cow has been awarded 5-Star Jersey Status, this record will stay with her for life. Her performance certificate will also be updated with the 5-Star Jersey logo replacing the JA logo on the certificate. Members can download performance certificates for their cows from http://jersey.com.au/jersey-online/

For more information on 5-Star Jersey contact the Jersey Australia office on +61 3 9370 9105 or email jersey@jersey.com.au