Genomic testing is the utilisation of your animal’s DNA to predict the genetic merits of cows and bulls and can be undertaken on animal’s as soon as they are born.   Genomic Australian Breeding Values(ABV(g)’s provides you the dairy farmer with the most significant and advance information available on your animals to enable you to make the most informed management decisions on your herd and future replacement stock.


Genomic testing is not just about ABV(g)’s and can provide you a wealth of information and data to support your herd management decisions.  Other opportunities available from genomic testing are:

Parentage Conformation

Global results are showing that parentage inconsistency within a herd can be as high as 30% with domestic results in Australia showing overall inconsistency or around 8-10% within herds.  parentage accuracy is a critical step in ensuring your animal details are correct.


Haplotypes are being identified more and more and have a particularly significant impact on Fertility. Identifying carrier of haplotypes enables you to manage your breeding programs to ensure you can avoid carrier mating’s.

A2 / Polled.

Identify whether your animals are carriers of the A2 or Polled genes creating additional advantages and opportunities which can only be done through testing. Companies such as Zoetis now provide A2 testing at no extra charge.


Stud Stock Opportunities

Breeding a successful bull in an AI program is one of the most important success stories any breeder can have and any AI opportunity starts with a simple genomic test. If you are rearing bulls for future sales,  genomic testing them is a simple cost-effective way to ensure that you don’t miss out on the chance to see your bull in an AI program.


Jersey Australia strongly encourages members to genomic test and has a number of policies and programs to support increasing jersey genomic testing numbers in Australia. Why do this?  Genomic testing is one of the most important tools in advancing your genetics and provides the dairy farmer with the most significant potential to increase your business profitability.


Information and resources


To find out more on how to get started in genomic testing contact the JA office on 03 9370 9105 or contact your preferred Genomic Service provider.


Genomic Test Providers 

Service Provider Provider Information Provider Contacts
Zoetis CLAIRFIDE Contact Zoetis
TLG / Neogen TLG – GENOMICS Contact TLG