Jersey Australia Regions are available to members where there is no active clubs to support membership engagement in Jersey Australia events and competitions that typically would require entry on a per club basis where there is no active club in the region and support member in the running of events and provision of insurance cover over the events.

Jersey Australia considers an active club to be a club who operates to the state based consumer affairs requirements and must provide copy of the Annual General Meeting minutes to Jersey Australia each year as conformation of meeting these requirements and pay an annual Club Affiliation fee.

The Key Requirements to support the establishment of a Jersey Australia regions are:

  • There is no active club within 100km of the regional center point.
  • There is at least 5 active JA members within the region who are looking to participate in the JA event / competition.
  • The region must be endorsed by the Board of Jersey Australia and the event / competitions listed on the JA event schedule to provide public liability insurance coverage.
  • Is not permissible to be recognised as a JA region if the purpose is to seek insurance coverage for and event or competition that is not linked to a JA event or competition.
  • If a club is formed within the 100km radius of the regional center point, members within the region will be required to participate in future events of the club as the means of entering a JA event or competition.
  • JA will not.
    • Provide a banking or accounting service for the region and its events and competitions.
    • Under right regional activities in any way.


  • A letter of request / Region application form would be required to be submitted in writing to Jersey Australia signed by at least 2 Jersey Australia Financial Members and must name at least 5 Jersey Australia financial member who support the request.
    • All members must live in the region catchment.
    • Members participating in the region must not be a member of a club and entering that club’s competition.

To find out more on establishing a Jersey Australia region contact Glen Barrett on 0418 466 371.