Jersey Australia is governed by a board of up to directors elected by the members for 2 year terms. The Association Executive is appointed by the Board annually and includes President, Vice President and Treasurer. The President appoints the Chairs of the Audit and Risk, Genetics & Breed Development and the Promotions and Marketing Sub-Committees

The current Board of Directors are

Name Position Email Phone
Lisa Broad President Email Lisa Broad 0427 862 624
Geoff Akers  Vice President Email Geoff Akers 0427 298 478
Jamie Drury Treasurer & Chair of Audit and Risk Sub-Committee Email Jamie Drury 0427 008 088
Wayne Kuhne Chair of Genetics and Breed Development Sub Committee Email Wayne Kuhne 0438 088 660
Jane Sykes Chair – Promotions Sub Committee Email Jane Sykes 0422 640 533
Robert Anderson Board Member Email Robert Anderson 0400 987 702
Con Glennen Board Member Email Con Glennen 0408 527 898
David Boyd Board Member Email David Boyd 0427 830 213
Glen Barrett
General Manager / Secretary Email Glen Barrett 0418 466 371

The Jersey Australia General Manager reports to the Board and oversees and manages the day to day operations and implementation of policy and Board directions

Jersey Australia’s governed in accordance to the Jersey Australia Constitution and within the bylaws of the Association set out in the Jersey Australia Book of Rules.

          Jersey Australia Constitution – May 2024

          Jersey Australia Book of Rules

Annual Report