Jersey Australia’s Service Fee Packages provides members a cost effective way to group and pay for their service fees over 12 equal payments across the membership year.  JA packages includes annual membership fees, registration on calves born in the membership year and classification of 2 Year old 1st lactation heifers.

Each farm business is unique in its needs and JA provides 3 Service Fee packages that can be tailored to meet your needs.

  • Association Package 

The Association Package is the ultimate way for members to group and pay for the JA service fees and covers registrations for all calves born during the year, 2 * class visits(if required by the member) and classification of all 2 Year old heifers

Package inclusions

    • Membership fees
    • Registration of all calves born during the membership year
    • Class visit fees.
    • Classification of all 2 Year olds
    • Bonus inclusion of a JA Farm Gate Sign
  • Industry Package 

Many of our members are involved in industry project like Ginfo which cover the cost of classification of heifers.  JA’s Industry Package recognise the importance of ensuring our members are not disadvantage and can still have access to packaged fees.  Our industry package removes the cost provision for classifying 2 year old heifers while providing all the benefits of the Association Package.

  • Tailored Package

At JA we recognise that all business are different and while the Association and Industry packages may not suit your business model, JA can tailor a package to suit your needs.

Package Fee Conditions

  1. Association and Industry Packages are calculated on the size of your Jersey Milking herd based on your active stock register.
  2. Minimum annual fee of $1,200.00. – $800.00 for Industry package
  3. Admin fee of $100.00 per annum applies to the Tailor fee packages
  4. No carry over services for Association or Industry Packages to the following year.
  5. Tailored Package is reconciled annually.
    1. Catch Up invoicing will apply if additional services are used than provided
    2. Carry over of unused services to the following year will apply.

How to get started.

Complete the expression of interest form or contact Glen on 0418 466 371 or email