The Jersey Australia Membership Development Program is a key recommendation outcome of the 2018 Strategy and Planning Meeting to support and encourage clubs and members to drive membership growth.   

Key Objective

  • Provide financial support to clubs in supporting Jersey Australia growth objectives.
  • Increase Jersey Australia membership and service provision
  • Increase grass roots participation

  Key Targets

  • Non-member Jersey Breeder
  • Past Members
    • (have not been a financial member of JA for at least 2 Years)
  • Non-Jersey Breeders considering a herd breed change


Individual Member Support

An individual Financial or Life Members will be allowed to personally claim the new member incentives on the following basis

  • The new member they have supported in joining and engaging with Jersey Australia resides at least 100km from the members place of residence
  • The new or returning members is not joining the club which the member claiming the incentive belongs to.


  • Club must be able to demonstrate their active support and encouragement for new members joining Jersey Australia or re-engaging with past members


  • New full syndicate membership where the syndicates contains at least 1 existing member
  • Excludes junior membership where the junior member of an existing member

For more information contact Glen on 0418 466 371 or

New Members Previous Member Re-Engagement 
Membership Fee
  • 50% of 1st Year Membership Fee
  • 50% of Membership Fee paid
Registration Fees

  • Initial registration batch only
    • Includes GR / JE
  • Registration to have been done within 3 months of taking out membership
  • $1.00 per animals for up to 20 animals
  • $1.50 per animal 21 – 50 animals
  • $2.00 per animal for 50+ animals
$2.00 per animal born in the years prior to the year they re-join
Transfer Fee
  • 50% of Transfer fee for any individual animal purchased to establish a stud
  • 25% of the total herd transfer fee if whole herd is purchased
Classification Fee

  • Applicable only if 1 st classification is undertaken within 12 months of joining
  • 50% of Herd Visit Fee