Purpose: The Genetics, Breed Development and Classification Sub-Committee is responsible for 3 key areas:

  • Genetic Development
  • Research and Development
  • Classification / Judging

The Sub-Committee is empowered to form a specialist committee within these 3 key areas should it deem necessary with relevant subject matter experts

Any specialist committee formed by the sub-committee is required to report to the Chair of the Sub-Committee and put any recommendations to the Sub-Committee for approval. It is the responsibility of the Sub-Committee to present and support all recommendations to the Board for adoption.


Current Sub-Committee Members 

  • Wayne Kuhne – Chair
  • Jamie Drury
  • Robert Anderson
  • Reece Attenborough – Classifier Representative.
  • Lachlan Fry
  • Daryl Hoey
  • Patrick Nicholson
  • Luke Wallace

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Establish, set, maintain, and regularly review the ideal Jersey Cow for the Australian Dairy Industry
  • Review genetic trends and breed direction and develop policy and recommendations to ensure positive breed improvement is maintained and the Breed is not regressing in any key areas.
  • Oversee, review, and maintain the Jersey Australia Classification System including key focus on but not limited to:
    • Linear Trait trends
    • Linear Ideals
    • Bottom line and final scores
    • Ensure the organisation maintains a suitably qualified classifier team to meet the Association and Industry requirements
    • Monitor induvial Classifier Performance and trends
  • Develop and implement training programs to provide training courses for
    • Classification Services
      • Member
      • Industry – LTE / GINFO
    • True to Breed assessment for
      • GR / JE Programs
      • Export Assessment
      • Other assessment services as required
    • Research and Development
      • Establish and set Jersey Australia 1, 3 and 5-year R&D priorities
      • Implement and oversee any R&D projects relating to Genetic Development commissioned by Jersey Australia
    • Industry Representation
      • Provide Jersey Australia representation on industry projects and steering committees with key organisations
        • Key Organisations
          • DataGene
            • Genetics Standing Committee
            • National Breeding Objective
          • NHIA
          • Dairy Australia
          • Dairy Bio
          • Show Ethics
        • Provide debate on topics of interests and direction to representatives
        • Provide recommendations to the board of Jersey Australia as required

Policy Oversight

  • The Ideal Australian Jersey Cow
  • Classification
  • R&D Priorities