New partnership for On Farm Challenge

Jersey Australia is excited to announce ST GENETICS AUSTRALIA as our  new sponsor Major Sponsorship Partner for our signature competition the On-Farm Challenges – The Great Southern Challenge, the Great Northern Challenge and The Great Australian Challenge.

Our new partnership with ST GENETICS AUSTRALIA is a long-term sponsorship commitment which enables the Association to continue the On Farm Challenge as members know and love and foster the On Farm Challenges continued growth and development.

General Manager of Jersey Australia  Glen Barrett welcomed the partnership saying, “ST Genetics have a strong commitment of supporting events, shows and youth development and its an exciting opportunity for Jersey Australia to bring together Australia’s leading on farm challenge competition and a global leader in genetics and breed promotion in ST GENETICS.”

“STG Australia are excited with the opportunity to support the Jersey Australia On Farm Challenges” said Peter Semmens, General Manager of STG Australia.  “Such opportunities to sponsor such a respected and well-known feature of the Jersey Australia calendar rarely become available and when approached by Jersey Australia it was a pretty easy decision to take the role of sponsorship.

STG Australia commenced business in Australia in its current format approximately 4 years ago and in that time has incorporated the Gender Sorting laboratory together at Camperdown into its business and has commenced a strong commitment to the Australian dairy genetics industry by currently importing more than 250 Male and some female embryo’s a year combined of Jersey and Holstein.

The ratio of Jersey embryo’s is increasing as ST USA expands its own program , Peter commented , and the first resultant calves in Australia have now been born and those once Genomic tested on BPI and TPI  and other countries indexes will enter for collection and marketing of genetics.

Supporting this STG Australia is also expecting more Australian bred bulls to enter the collection facility. We see our linkage through Jersey Australia and events such as the STG Virtual Youth Show and incorporating the GSC as a fantastic steppingstone not only for STG Australia but also Jersey Australia and will be very keen to sit down with Jersey Australia once this year’s event is over to review and where and if needed to enhance the competition in line with STG Australia and Jersey Australia commitment to the Australian industry.

The change in Major Sponsor from Semex Australia was a mutually agreed but albeit difficult  decision for both Semex and Jersey Australia to end the long-term partnership.  Jersey Australia acknowledges the important and valued contribution that Semex Australia provided to the On Farm Challenges and we thank all at Semex Australia for their contribution over many years.

The Great Southern Challenge began in 1999 and then grew to incorporate The Great Northern Challenge in 2008 and The Great Australian Challenge in 2013.

Clubs are reminded that club challenges are required to be completed by the end of October with all results submitted by this date to the office.

Judging for the Great Northern Challenge will commence on or around November 5th with the Great Southern Challenge judging commencing oN or around November 10th.