August 2021 ABV Release

August ABVs good news for Jerseys

The August 2021 ABV release has boosted the status of Australian Jerseys.

Jersey Australia general manager Glen Barrett said there was stability in the Jersey proofs and a welcome emergence of young genomic bulls graduating to the Proven lists with enhanced proofs.
There were 14 new release Australian young genomic bulls sourced from nine studs and marketed by five A.I companies, which Mr Barrett described as a positive for the Australian Jersey breed. “This is the biggest new release of domestic bulls for many years, which is a strong sign,” he said.

“Breeders should be congratulated for maintaining faith in their breeding programs. With growing global interest in Australian Jersey bulls, there are exciting times ahead for the breed.”

Jersey bull proofs have improved as new daughters joined herds across Australia, with bulls such as DOUGGAN and INVINCIBLE adding 91 and 51 daughters respectively.
DOUGGAN, marketed by Genetics Australia and bred by White Star Jerseys, was the number one bull on the August ABV, improved his proof by 38 BPI to 431 with a high jump in daughters flowing from autumn calvings into his proof.

INVINCIBLE was another big mover, adding 68 BPI points to 394 BPI.
World Wide Sires’ Australian bulls JIMINY, BPI 387 and MATT, BPI 347 were second and third, with White Star bred bulls PUBLICAN with a BPI of 319 marketed by Agri-Gene and VALENBLAST in the GA stable with a BPI of 317 rounding out the top five bulls.
CSCWOODSIDE – Gelbeado Park WOODSIDE, a MATT son from the Central Sires Co-op / ABS Global – Australia stable, is a new bull on the market and tops the young genomic list with a BPI of 396. GA bulls INVINCIBLE – Loxleigh Hatman VInce 5963 and PICKLE – Wallacedale Pickle with a BPI of 387 round out the top three on the young bull lists.

Rob and Sandra Bacon’ Brookbora Jerseys retained the number one Herd spot with a herd BPI of 191. Con and Michelle Glennen’s WHITE STAR Jerseys was second with a BPI of 176 followed by John and Marg Cockerell’s WARRAIN Jerseys with BPI of 166.

The top young heifer in the August ABV release was LANGDALE MATT NAOMI 2, owned by Darien and Alex Matthews and with a BPI of 392.

John and Margaret Cockerell’s WARRAIN IRWIN LOVE LIES was the top cow with a BPI of 491 up from 477.

Top cow on conventional proofs was JACKIAH VALENTINO PRIMROSE 3000 owned by Simon Reid with a BPI of 500.

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