Australian Jersey Journal – March/April 2021 Edition

The March/April 20021 Edition is out now in your mailbox and is another bumper edition.

With the 2021 JA AGM heading to Warragul and hosted by the Central Gippsland Club in May, in this edition we:

  • Sat down with 2 local breeders who we will be visiting during the AGM
    • Don and Renee Ross of Youngstar Jerseys;
    • Scott and Tahnee Wilson of Riviera Jerseys
  • JA Promotions Committee is up an running and we caught up with Promotions Chair Jane Sykes and committee members Daniel Bacon and Hayley Menzies
  • Alan and Janine Carson have announced the dispersal of the CAIRBRAE herd.  Alan and Janine talk about the CAIRNBRAE Journey and we also caught with Chris McIlroy from Agri-Gene and Peter Ness from Central Sires Co-Op on the the CAIRNBRAE legacy.
  • We also have the 2020 Photo Comp results and Around the Grounds

The March / April Edition is out now in your mailbox or download and read at March/ April 2021 Jersey Journal