Australian Jersey Journal – May/June 2021

CrhThe May / June 2021 edition of the Australian Jersey Journal is out now and what a cracking edition it is.  Our thanks to the many advertisers and supporters who have made this 56 page edition.

In the Journal, we:

  • Preview Dairy’s Finest Sale and speak to the sale organisers and some of vendors on what is on offer in what will be the sale of the year
  • Chris MacKenzie is stepping down from the Board this year after many many years of service to JA including 4 years of Presidents.  Rick Baynes sat down  with Chris to talk about his time on the Board of JA and what is in store next for him
  • Thinking of stepping into the Dairy Beef market.  Cameron Renshaw from Calf Link is seeing lots of opportunity but also conscious of not wanting the Australian dairy industry to make mistakes seen globally as dairy farmers transition more and more to a dairy beef market.
  • April ABV results are out and we have a look at who made the top of the lists.
  • DataGene recently sat down with Lyn Parish to talk about how genomics is driving there herd management decisions.
  • Neville McDonald who passed away suddenly last year  was recently honoured by the Kyabram Show Society.  We caught up with Janelle to reflect on Neville’s passion for Jerseys, Showing cows, supporting young breeders and family.
  • Central Gippsland Jersey Fair Results
  • On Farm Challenge State of Origin results
  • And much much more.

Check out your mail box for your copy or download to read on line at May / June Jersey Journal

Australian Jersey Journal – March/April 2021 Edition

The March/April 20021 Edition is out now in your mailbox and is another bumper edition.

With the 2021 JA AGM heading to Warragul and hosted by the Central Gippsland Club in May, in this edition we:

  • Sat down with 2 local breeders who we will be visiting during the AGM
    • Don and Renee Ross of Youngstar Jerseys;
    • Scott and Tahnee Wilson of Riviera Jerseys
  • JA Promotions Committee is up an running and we caught up with Promotions Chair Jane Sykes and committee members Daniel Bacon and Hayley Menzies
  • Alan and Janine Carson have announced the dispersal of the CAIRBRAE herd.  Alan and Janine talk about the CAIRNBRAE Journey and we also caught with Chris McIlroy from Agri-Gene and Peter Ness from Central Sires Co-Op on the the CAIRNBRAE legacy.
  • We also have the 2020 Photo Comp results and Around the Grounds

The March / April Edition is out now in your mailbox or download and read at March/ April 2021 Jersey Journal

Australian Jersey Journal – January / February 2021

Out now is the January/ February edition of the Australia Jersey Journal.   In this edition:

  • We catch up with Lachlan Fry, Darien Mathews and Reece Attenborough on their appointment to the Genetics Committee
  • Updated BPI’s were released in Dec 2020 ABV Release.  We look at the changes in the BPI and the top herds, cows and bulls
  • The 2021 AGM is fast approaching.  Host club President Reece Attenborough gives us a preview on what the Central Gippsland Club will be putting on.
  • Why Jersey.  JA recently spoke to members across the country on Why they milk Jerseys for our annual Australian Dairy Farmer magazine Jersey Feature.  We publish some of their stories in the Journal.
  • JA has 2 new project in 2021 in classification and genomics. We outline these and will have more details in the next Australian Jersey Journal edition
  • Our front cover is some amazing shots from our short listed finalists in the Annual Photo Competition.

Download and read online at Jersey Journal – Jan/Feb 2021