Notification of 2021 AGM

24th February 2021

Dear Member

On behalf of the board of Jersey Australia, I would like to advise the membership that 2021 Jersey Australia AGM will be held on Thursday May 27th 2021 at the Mercure Hotel in Warragul, VIC and as per Section 10 of the Jersey Australia constitution, 5 members of the board of management will retire by rotation at the 2021the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The 5 directors who term expires at this year’s AGM are:

  • Chris McKenzie
  • Brian Wilson
  • Paul Lenehan
  • Jamie Drury
  • Wayne Kuhne

Due to changes to the constitution agreed to by the membership at the 2019 AGM to reduce the size of the board from 10 to 8 over a 2-year period, only 4 board positions are available for appointment this year.

At the February 2021 Board Meeting, the Board appointment myself as the Returning Officer for the 2021 Board Election

It is my pleasure on behalf of the membership of Jersey Australia to call for nominations to board. I will note the following:

  • Nominations must be completed on the JA Board nomination form in totality and returned to the Jersey Australia office by COB Thursday April 15th 2021
  • Only Life. Full, or Family members can be nominated to the board.
    • Only 1 person per membership can serve or be nominated to serve on the board at any 1 time.
  • Only members who have paid their membership fee in full for the membership year commencing March 1st, 2021 will be accepted.
  • Director terms are for a period of 2 Years commencing from the completion of the 2021 AGM.

JA Board Nomination Form

If you have any questions relating to the role of director of Jersey Australia, please contact myself on 0418 466 371 or email


Glen Barrett

Returning Officer.

Australian Jersey Journal – January / February 2021

Out now is the January/ February edition of the Australia Jersey Journal.   In this edition:

  • We catch up with Lachlan Fry, Darien Mathews and Reece Attenborough on their appointment to the Genetics Committee
  • Updated BPI’s were released in Dec 2020 ABV Release.  We look at the changes in the BPI and the top herds, cows and bulls
  • The 2021 AGM is fast approaching.  Host club President Reece Attenborough gives us a preview on what the Central Gippsland Club will be putting on.
  • Why Jersey.  JA recently spoke to members across the country on Why they milk Jerseys for our annual Australian Dairy Farmer magazine Jersey Feature.  We publish some of their stories in the Journal.
  • JA has 2 new project in 2021 in classification and genomics. We outline these and will have more details in the next Australian Jersey Journal edition
  • Our front cover is some amazing shots from our short listed finalists in the Annual Photo Competition.

Download and read online at Jersey Journal – Jan/Feb 2021

JNS – New Jersey Haplotype Discovery

The American Jersey Cattle Association have announce the discovery of of a new undesirable genetic factor – JERSEY NEUROPATHY with SPLAYED FORELIMBS (JNS)

Excerpt from US Jersey Publication on Symptoms

Calves affected with Jersey Neuropathy with Splayed Forelimbs (JNS) are unable to stand and exhibit significant extensor rigidity of forelimbs and/or excessive lateral abduction. Affected calves are generally   at birth but exhibit neurologic symptoms including spasticity of head and neck and convulsive behavior. Other symptoms reported include dislocated shoulders, congenital craniofacial anomalies and degenerative myelopathy.

JNS is attributable to a specific haplotype on Bos taurus autosome 6 (BTA6). Subsequent investigation identified the biological cause within the haplotype as a UCLH1 missense variant located at 60,158,901.

What to do if you have a calf with symptoms of JNS

  1. Record all relevant birth details – sire/dam/DOB
  2. Take a DNA sample of  the calf
  3. Take a DNA sample of the Dam
  4. Photograph / Video calf displaying symptom
  5. Advise JA ASAP and send details, videos,photos and DNA samples to JA marked to the URGENT ATTENTION of Glen Barrett

If you believe you have had a calf with JNS symptoms but is no longer available for DNA sampling, please also let us know and provide a DNA sample of the dam.

DNA will be stored for future reference checking if required.

What to do to manage risk in your herd 

  1. Review known sires list who have been identified as JNS carriers and note progeny by these sires in your herd.
  2. Contact your AI company to seek information on JNS status of sires not from Nth America.
    1. The attached list only contains sires from Canada and the USA and 1 Danish bull and 1 Australian bull.  It should be expected that carriers will be found in Australian bulls as well as bulls from  other countries.  These bulls may not have been tested as yet if they have not previously been tested in the USA.
  3. Mange future breeding program to avoid mating clashes of sires who are known carriers with daughters of known carriers.
  4. With Cows/heifers sired by known carriers, it may be beneficial to genomic test these progeny to identify their JNS status and support future decision making.  At this stage we would expect the Haplotype call to be only available in the USA.  Contact your Genomic Service Provider(GSP) to discuss testing availability.
    1. If you have previously genomic tested any progeny, contact your GSP to see if a JNS Haplotype call can be made from your existing genotype.


List of sires who are known JNS Carriers JNS Carrier AI Bulls Nov2020

JNS – Summary Information: JNS – Summary

Please contact Glen Barrett on  0418 466 371 or for more information and what to do if you have a calf with JNS symptoms.



Australian Jersey Journal – Nov / Dec 2020

The Nov / Dec 2020 edition of the Australian Jersey Journal is out in your mailboxes.  In this edition;

  • We head to Sth Australia and catch up with Jersey SA leadership Glen Schultz and Amy MacDonald
  • Our Breeder profile is Andrew and Angela Koch of ASHTANEY Jersey
  • Genomics is a big feature in this edition.
    • Mark Flemming tells us how he managed a herd reduction using genomics when the Miami Herd moved to Western Vic
    • Zoetis takes us to Craig Drake’s @ Allansford and discusses how he manages inbreeding
    • Accelerating Genomics is a new project backed by DataGene and Dairy Australia.  We hear from Project Leader Michelle Axford on what the project aims to achieve.
  • Bushlea Jerseys is celebrating 75 years.  The south Gippsland Club commissioned a great story on the Bushlea Journey.
  • Qld Feature show results
  • ST Genetics Australia’s Dairy Youth Expo result
  • and much much more

Download and read today at Nov/Dec 2020 Jersey Journal

Australian Jersey Journal – September / October 2020

The Sept/Oct 2020 Australian Jersey Journal is out now in your mailboxes and it is another full colour bumper edition.

In this edition:

  • All Australian Photo Comp results are announce.  Our thanks to judges Herby Lutz, Chris Hill and Jeff Sayles
  • Jersey AGM was held on line. We chat with President Chris MacKenzie, Genetics Chair Lisa Broad, Promo Chair Jane Sykes and new Board Member Rob Anderson on the year ahead
  • Bernie and Carol McManus of Bercar Jersey are hanging up the milking machines.  We catch up with them on the eve of their dispersal sales.
  • Great Australian Challenge results and wrap up
  • Sandra Bacon at Brookbora is an early user of the recently released DataVat.  We hear from Sandra on how she is using DataVat
  • Autumn Class Results
  • August ABV Results
  • Plus much much more.

Check your mailbox for your copy or download from Australian Jersey Journal Sept/Oct 2020

August ABV Release



Jersey Australia congratulates August ABV leaders


Noorat farmer Con Glennen (Pictured, Photo Rick Baynes) has strengthened his place at the top of Australian Jersey herds with the release of the August Australian Breeding Values.

With a Balanced Performance Index (BPI) of 108, Mr Glennen’s White Star Jerseys have secured an eight-point lead over the second placed herd owned by Bernie and Carol McManus Bercar Jerseys from Lockington in the Goulburn Valley.

The third placed herd, Daryl and Lani Hoey’s Beulah Jerseys at Wonthaggi in Gippsland, had a BPI of 99.

White Star increased the herd BPI by four from April proofs, and extended its lead from two points to eight. It has three of the top five genomic bulls and White Star bulls sired three of the top 10 young genomic heifers, including the top two.

Mr Glennen attributes the success to using high BPI bulls, constant herd testing, culling, early adoption of technology such as genomics, and team work.

“We’ve been equal a few times and been the number one herd the last couple of runs,” he said. “We were two points ahead last time, now we’re eight. It’s a constant improvement and we’ve still got room to move. We’re by no means done and we’re still trying to grow numbers.

The Glennen family has been farming in the area for nearly 100 years and they have been quick to adopt new technologies.

“My uncles were herd testing and breeding forward in the 70s,” Mr Glennen said. “We had some of the first genomic work done in Australia and I thought at the time that my kids could get something out of it; but now I’m seeing it.”

“Genomics speeds things up, as long as you make sure you’re running in the right direction.”

Mr Glennen said the win was a team success story. “I don’t do it on my own. My wife Michelle and sons James and William are part of it and there’s the whole family history behind us.”

The top Young Genomic Heifer was KAARMONA PUBLICAN SANDY 16 with a BPI of 253 for owners Graeme and Rohan Sprunt of Kaarmona Jerseys north of Shepparton.

KAARMONA PUBLICAN SANDY’s sire is PUBLICAN -White Star Patrick and Dam KAARMONA VALENTINO SANDY 9 EX 90. Rohan Sprunt said she was backed by 14 generations Excellent, one of the highest direct lines in Australia if not the world.

KAARMONA PUBLICAN SANDY 16 has excellent fat and protein deviations, exceptional type with a score of 109, udders 111, survival 110, somatic cells 108 and mastitis resistance 103, fertility 101, plus she’s A2 tested, making it a really nice well-rounded proof.

Her ancestry traces back via Araluen Park, Nowell & Rye Valley Jersey studs to a New Zealand cow family. It’s a deep cow family which has produced many good bulls over the years. One of the most noted ancestors is Nowell Power Sandy, Ex92 who had 11 sons go into AI including Raceway, Roundhill, Santana, Vipor & Aries.

While this was the first time Kaarmona achieved a top genomic Jersey heifer, it celebrated other successes in the ABVs, with the number one Holstein heifer born in Australia on the US proving system, the number two genomic Holstein bull and the highest ranked Australian born bull, the number nine and 25th ranked proven Holstein bulls. In Jerseys it had the number two genomic bull KAARMONA BAZYLI and the number 20 genomic bull KAARMONA LOKI.

The farm has converted from about 70 per cent Holstein to close to 70 per cent Jersey.

“We’re looking for more feed efficiency and to get more production out of our farm,” Mr Sprunt said. “We think the only way to improve efficiency is to take two Holstein cows out and put three Jerseys in and send more milk solids out the gate.”

Jersey Australia congratulated all members who placed highly in the proofs list. “Reaching number one on a list is a long-term investment in a breeding program and a great reward for effort and the investment made,” Jersey Australia General Manager Glen Barrett said.

The top genomic bull was VALENBLAST -White Star Valenblast with a BPI of 299 marketed by Genetics Australia.

The top Australian proven bull was MATT – Wilsonview If Matt with a BPI of 226 and marketed by World Wide Sires.

For more information

Glen Barrett

P: 0418 466 371


Australian Jersey Journal – July / August 2020

The July / August 2020 edition of the Australian Jersey Journal is out now and available for download.

In this edition, we

  • Head to Tasmania and catch up with young breeder Ryan Langley
  • Australian Jersey Bulls are in high demand and we talk to AI company at what they are looking for for their AI programs
  • Safe Ag Systems and JA have recently entered a partnership to support Farm Safety improvement
  • The JA All Australian Photo Comp entries are in.  We take a snapshot at who is in the running.

Download now at Australian Jersey Journal – July / August 2020

Notice of Meeting

Dear Members

It is my pleasure on behalf of the Board of Jersey Australia to invite you to the 2020 Jersey Australia Annual General Meeting.

This year Jersey Australia breaks new ground in hosting their AGM via video conference for the very first time. While an exciting and new way to host the AGM, we certainly look forward to returning to the more conventional face to face meeting and conference in 2021.

Jersey Australia will be using Zoom to host the Video Conference and we provide below the meeting information.  Please note that if this is the first time you have used Zoom, you will be required to download some software to your computer.  When connecting please ensure that you select the join with audio and video.


Meeting Date:    Thursday June 25th, 2020

Time:                    10am

Zoom Details:      Topic: Jersey Australia 2020 AGM

Time: Jun 25, 2020 10:00 AM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 835 1265 8882

Password: 544240

One tap mobile:

+61861193900,83512658882#,1#,544240# Australia

+61871501149,83512658882#,1#,544240# Australia

Dial by your location

                               +61 861 193 900 Australia

                               +61 8 7150 1149 Australia

                               +61 2 8015 6011 Australia

                              +61 3 7018 2005 Australia

                               +61 731 853 730 Australia

Meeting ID: 835 1265 8882

Password: 544240

Find your local number:

The Jersey Australia office is available to support members in connecting to the video conference.

You can download a copy of the Annual Report from 2020 Jersey Australia Annual Report

Glen Barrett

Returning Officer





Ensuring you and your workers come home to your family and friends each day is a critical workplace requirement and to support members, Jersey Australia is pleased to have entered into a partnership with Safe Ag Systems to provide their work place safety management system to members and enthusiasts at a 10% discounted rate.

Safe Ag Systems operates digitally from your desktop and smart phone and provides you:

Policies and Inductions

  • Use Safe Ag Systems templates or create your own policies to establish your company’s safety goals and expectations. Create and send your inductions to your visitors, workers or contractors via the App

Safety Checklists

  • Design Safe Work Procedures and Pre-operational safety checklists that your workers will actually use. Keep track of these using the reporting feature and easily edit them when you need to.

Inventory Management

  • Digitally manage your machinery, equipment, and chemicals so everyone has access when they need it.


  • Monitor daily operations, completed inductions, checklists and tasks to track progress and improve efficiencies.

Emergency Management

  • Keep your workers safe and give them access to important information in an emergency.

Task Management

  • Increase efficiency in your daily operations. Distribute the workload and manage your team effectively

Near Miss and Incident Reporting

  • Report and manage Near Miss and Incidents to drive continuous improvements.

Safety Inspections

  • Run safety inspections efficiently to identify potential hazards and dangers. Use the hazard map and noticeboard to communicate.

Worker Records

  • Manage and keep track of important health details, current training qualifications and employment contracts

Visit  Safe Ag Systems for more information or register to start your 7 day free trial today.


When registering make sure your enter the promo code JerseyAus into the source code field to be eligible for JA discounted offer




Jersey Australia. Helping bring you home at night.


Australian Jersey Journal – May June 2020

The May / June Edition of the Australian Jersey Journal is out now and currently only available on line.

In this edition,

  • We say thank you to Trevor Saunders for his many years of dedicated service to Jersey Australia
  • We have a look at  the April ABV results and have a look at some new traits
  • Rick Baynes heads north to Dorrigo NSW to catch up with Andrew and Natalie Marks
  • Brian Leslie writes story on Raewyn Jerseys
  • We acknowledge some past champion of the Breed on the front cover who has shone again in the online competition – IDW Peoples Champion of Champion
  • and much much more

Download now at Australian Jersey Journal – May June 2020